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Our curriculum is a unique blend of the different components of the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. In addition to complementary activities from the British and Nigerian curriculum to extend, enrich and embed the teaching of the ACE curriculum to produce outstanding scholars. Where PACEs provide the theory and some practicals, in science and maths for example, the complementary activities extend the practical. Where it provides the grammar of a language, the complementary activities will provide additional opportunities for reading, speaking and writing. History and Geography skills are added. The ACE curriculum is highly technical and sophisticated and uses mastery learning and individualisation to deliver a differentiated and personalised academic curriculum with training in character, work study and self management skills. It is thorough and its assessments are robust. The ACE workbooks contain formative tests. The summative assessment is through separate tests given at the end of each PACE(workbook). Progress is also assessed through the level and PACE(workbook) number. The complementary activities are assessed in most subjects by half-termly checklists and in some subjects also by termly tests. Our general curriculum focuses on delivering high academic standards whilst ensuring that students also develop wider life skills.